Welcome 👋

I do write my personal content here (projects, hobbies, etc.). Actually this framework I use (Next) used to create easy documentation using Nextra (opens in a new tab) package, but it just meets my need, so I used it 😁.


A little overview about me:

I graduated from State Polytechnic of Malang (opens in a new tab) in 2022, and I'm also a Bangkit Alumni 2021 (opens in a new tab), specializing in Mobile Development. I'm passionate about Back-End, Cloud, and Android Development, and I'm always eager to learn new things. Currently, I'm working as a Freelance Software Developer.

Other than programming, you can also found my Hobbies

Services / Skills

I do still open freelance / IT consult job in the future, so if you need:

  • DB Design
  • Make Android App (Possible to make iOS, but need Apple Hardware)
  • Backend Development
  • Cloud Management

More details about your need? Contact Me